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The Elements





Welcome to the wonderful world of Alchemy Performing Arts, where the elements become art. We are dedicated to providing your event, party, or film with professional entertainment. We aim to inspire you with our custom costumes, entertain with diverse talent, and over 12 years experience in the business. Our performers use the elements, earth, air, fire, and water in their shows. Our mermaids, LED dancers, and circus artists will bring your vision to life!

Talent Pledge:

As Alchemy Performing Artists
We are all passionate about the arts 
We aim to provide a positive work environment
We are committed to providing quality entertainment to everyone that gets to see our shows


Click below to view our videos

 Need something you don't see here?- We can produce themes and concepts may not see here for entertainment with 3 months prior notice an additional compensation for creation. To provide new choreography or costuming need one month's notice. This will give us time to create and fabricate your vision.

We also have plenty of shows on our social media that you may not see here.

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